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Ninja Life Levelup Like an Admin | Easy

Post by ★BΔRRΞИÐΞЯØ★ on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:54 am

Hello everyone, how are you?
I want to make this post because some people asked me ingame.
How did I levelup from 1 to 100 in 10 seconds? It's really simple, and it isn't any type of cheat.
Some people thought I was using Cheat Engine or some local memory programs like that. You know that Cheat Engine can't do so much for Ninja-Life resources or stats Razz

But I was just wasting my gold buying beers at the bar (second town) to increase my experience.
So how did I levelup that fast, while you have to click E then 1 thousands of times to get lvl 100?
I used cs2d commands to automate the beer drinking like this:
Here is the code:

bind "key" "command"
Using as commands the "use" and "slot1"
Then the only thing I did there was binding 50x "use + slot1" to a key, then with every click on that key, it will buys 50 beers.
I didn't write there the full bind with "command" replaced because I want our little begineers to think a little.  scratch  study And because the server shows a msg2 everytime someone gets 1 level. So if we do it while there another person playing the server, we will annoy him with the flood this will make.

Remember that you can use binds to increase your stats faster, changing the "use" for serveraction2 per example or things like that and selecting the number of the slot you want. This way you won't have to click 200 times to max one skill bounce

Hope this will help you a little when you want to levelup, have some spare gold and you are bored of doing quests/killing zombies.
See you in my next post!
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