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Ninja Life Farming bot | Medium-Hard

Post by ★BΔRRΞИÐΞЯØ★ on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:25 am

Hello everyone!
Today, I would like to share with all of you the new idea I'm implementing at home.

I was thinking about doing something to farm food faster or farming with some CS2D at same time on the same computer and time ago, I was going to install a Proxmox Virtualization System on my other computer to manage some Operating Systems at same time while having a centralized administration.
So I finnally decided to install the Proxmox and create 5 containers (4 of them with Lubuntu, a really small and fast OS that is enough to run cs2d and everything needed for farming) and the last one with Windows, the one I'll use to play while the other ones are farming for me.

Then after creating all the containers you want, and configuring their maximum use of RAM, CPU, Disc... installing the lubuntu systems, you only have to download and install the cs2d (linux version), and use the Hot Keyboard Pro or the Xmacro utility to create a script that will keep pressing the left mouse button inside that container until you press the keys you've previously defined to stop it.

And that's it. This way you can have lots of cs2d farming resources for you while you watch youtube, play cs2d or whatever you usually do. Remember that cs2d servers use to have a maximum number of users connected using the same IP, so if you want to exceed that number of bots, you'll need to install some VPN on your Lubuntus to change your IP.

Hope it'll help some of our advanced users to grow faster in Ninja Life.
Have a good day!
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